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Inspiring Photographers: Miroslav Petrasko

Monday, October 21, 2013

Time for another great photographer in my Inspiring Photographers series. Up to now I featured two fantastic photographers: Michael Woloszynowicz and Mark Johnson. Make sure to check out their works.

Today I would like to feature the very great Miroslav Petrasko who is one of my favourite HDR and travel photographers. In fact I prefer his works to the more famous HDR and travel photographers. What I love about Miroslav's images is that they are ultra realistic yet they are very vibrant at the same time. Something that so many of us try to achieve yet most of us fail when trying.

What's quite funny is that Miroslav started similar to myself (and about the same time as I did if I recall correctly). He works as video game designer (I used to work as video game programmer and dealt with designers on a daily basis ;) or rather with their crazy ideas :) ) and initially it was just a hobby.

But without further ado here are some information about Miroslav.

Follow Miroslav: portfolio, website, Facebook

Bio: "A little about me. I'm from Slovakia and currently live in Bratislava. My normal day job is to be a game designer and photography started as a very small side hobby to this. But as it usually happens, it grew and now it sometimes takes more time, than the day job. Before I started with photography, I used to create abstract images in Photoshop, and that slowly morphed over time into HDR photography for me."

Favorite subjects: "My main subjects are architecture and landscapes. I love showing of symmetry in huge rooms, or the waste spans of bridges. I also try to find reflections everywhere. They always give something special to the photo."

Photo gear: "On the gear side, I currently use a Canon 5D mark II mostly with the Canon 16-35mm F2.8 lens attached to it. On the software side my main tools are Photoshop and Lightroom, sometimes supported by Photomatix and Oloneo Photoengine."

Photography style: "In my postprocessing I try to add a certain glow and colorfullnes to my photos, but still try to keep it close to realism as possible."

Below you will find a small selection of Miroslav Petrasko's works (after viewing them make sure to follow Miroslav's blog and his FB profile as he is uploading some great stuff on a daily basis :) ). Photo at the top of this post and the one just below are one of the best examples of HDR I've ever seen. Great job Miroslav!


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